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Salt Conversions

From $695.00 Saltwater pool technology is safe for all pools! Why buy chlorine? With only a teaspoon of salt per gallon, these modern salt pool systems quickly pay for themselves. Get crystal clear, silky water without changing your equipment. Environmentally friendly, no more red eyes, no itchy skin and no chlorine smell.


5% discount on pool repairs for new customers (Mention this coupon when ordering service)


Refer a friend or neighbor and receive 1 month of chemical service FREE! (New customer must mention your name- you receive credit once new customer's first month of paid services is complete- no limit on number of referrals.


When you want 100% customer satisfaction, choose American Pool and Fountain Service for all your pool service and maintenance needs. With quality products and affordable prices, we promised we will try our best to exceed your expectations. We are fully licensed and qualified.

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American Pool and Fountain Service INC

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We handle all fountains:

Fountains come in all shapes and sizes, we handle them all, community fountains, fountains in ponds which we have to visit by boat, to ornate entranceway fountains which need to be kept in immaculate condition and running 24 hours a day. We have not found one yet that we have not been able to handle.

Monthly Fountain Service:

The vast majority of fountains we maintain are in high visibility areas, such as the entrance way to a community, or golf course lakes. We know that if you work hard to maintain your community or home with landscaping, then your feature fountain should also be well maintained. We will work together with you to put together a plan to keep your community fountain sparkling and running efficiently. Our general monthly fountain service includes a lot of things including cleaning the pump intake screens, this is one of the most important things to be done on a regular basis, once these screens become clogged your fountain will loose power and no longer be the feature it was designed to be. We clean and brush the fountain base, remove debris, monitor the water levels and make sure the chemicals are correct if they are used, in Lakes obviously this does not apply, but we do have natural pond products which can be added. We check the fountain equipment and evaluate it at the same time, to keep your fountain in top working order.

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