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Pool Inspection for your new home in Southwest Florida

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Salt Conversions

From $695.00 Saltwater pool technology is safe for all pools! Why buy chlorine? With only a teaspoon of salt per gallon, these modern salt pool systems quickly pay for themselves. Get crystal clear, silky water without changing your equipment. Environmentally friendly, no more red eyes, no itchy skin and no chlorine smell.


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When you want 100% customer satisfaction, choose American Pool and Fountain Service for all your pool service and maintenance needs. With quality products and affordable prices, we promised we will try our best to exceed your expectations. We are fully licensed and qualified.

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Pool Inspection for your new home in Southwest Florida

Buying a new home? Chances are it has a swimming pool. As a home buyer you will have your home inspected to look for problems in your house, but unless your home inspector is a trained pool professional, he will only be able to look at the pool and tell you what he sees.

AnĀ American Pool Service Inspectionwill check over 40 items, we will provide you with a written itemized assessment of the pool and equipment. We will point out minor problems that could become a major expense to you as a homeowner, BEFORE you purchase your new home. We carry out this service in Naples and the surrounding areas. We will offer suggestions and recommendations for any swimming pool repairs that may need doing before you purchase.

Having a pool professional check out your pool could literally save you thousands of dollars.

Finally realizing a dream and venturing into buying your new home that has swimming pool in the back yard?


Things you might be thinking about when making this dream come true:

  • What kind of condition is the pool in?
  • What kind of condition is the equipment in?
  • Is pool and equipment safe and ready to go? (Remember water and electricity don't mix!)
  • Is the water in the pool soft or aggressive?
  • Do all the special features it has work we check lights and waterfalls, spas and more.
  • Is all the equipment sized correctly according to the pool? Using an underpowered pump will only cause more problems.

We maintain commercial pools and we have to adhere to very high standards at all times, we take that experience and carry it over to all of our residential customers.

American Pool Service will come out to your home and spend as much time as you need going over each and every thing with the equipment and the pool.

At the end you will receive a file of what we found out, which well tell you everything you need to know about how the pool functions. We will give you our recommendations, and on top of that, once you move in We will give you an orientation on how to get the most out of your pool for the least amount of money.

Our pool inspections are normally carried out within 48 hours.

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