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Salt Conversions

From $695.00 Saltwater pool technology is safe for all pools! Why buy chlorine? With only a teaspoon of salt per gallon, these modern salt pool systems quickly pay for themselves. Get crystal clear, silky water without changing your equipment. Environmentally friendly, no more red eyes, no itchy skin and no chlorine smell.


5% discount on pool repairs for new customers (Mention this coupon when ordering service)


Refer a friend or neighbor and receive 1 month of chemical service FREE! (New customer must mention your name- you receive credit once new customer's first month of paid services is complete- no limit on number of referrals.


When you want 100% customer satisfaction, choose American Pool and Fountain Service for all your pool service and maintenance needs. With quality products and affordable prices, we promised we will try our best to exceed your expectations. We are fully licensed and qualified.

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Just a quick note (maybe not so quick): I don't normally pass out accolades unless really well deserved or if I consider the performance to be truly outstanding. So here ya go ! Accolades: To you especially and to all others for efforts to document and bring to the surface all the poor or lack of performance issues that eventually led to the dismissal of our previous property manager. Without an elaborate dialogue, I can only say "What a Blessing" Sand Castle is now on board and so far performance and community gossip is all very positive. Continuing Accolades: To you especially and to Gary, Steve Hart and Sand Castle for the outstanding job you all did with the budget review. Unfortunately this was prompted and necessary because of poor management and serious overspending for as much as the last five to six years. We can't recover wasted money but we certainly are going forward in a positive manner. Another blessing -- The changing of vendors, especially our pool maintenance company. That being said which is what prompted this note. I observed the new pool maintenance company yesterday and have to pass on what a great job that I think she did. I have always thought that Aloha didn't quite meet what I would consider acceptable standards and I really think we should have pursued the lawsuit against them, but no sense crying over split milk or water that has flowed under the bridge. The new company removed bugs etc (as did Aloha) tested the water and added chemicals (as did Aloha) but she then thoroughly vacuumed the bottom of the pool with a battery operated vacuum (never saw Aloha do that), then thoroughly wiped down the walls of the pool (never saw Aloha do that). I am of the opinion that those two items will make a difference. But more impressive and in my opinion most important, was her knowledge of the chemical treatments and their purpose. We discussed mold and phosphates to which we concluded that we would never would had to empty the pool this year if it would have been treated properly. And to that end that is where I think Aloha miserably failed. It appears that the new company is not only on top of this but is professional enough to take good care of us as we go forward. I understand that this is merely "an opinion" but I think deserving of the accolades. Thanks to all. !!!!!



Thank you for your perseverance in trying to locate our pool pump problem, I appreciate you saving us money and not having to replace the whole system.
I have to say, it's good to finally find a pool company that does what they say they are going to do.
Talk to you soon.

Gilbert from Naples, Florida

I cannot say enough about you to our friends and neighbors, I am so glad you are our pool man, I thought that our pool was going to be cloudy forever, and could'nt understand why other pools I saw were clear. I now realize that it was just a chemical imbalance, but it took changing pool companies to find that out! Just shows you cannot beat experience.  

Thanks again.

Debbie from Bonita Spring, Florida



I just wanted to say a huge thank you, I never expected you to response so fast on a weekend, you saved the day! With so many people coming over for the bbq, it would have been spoilt if our pool had not been clean, thanks for repairing it so swiftly

Brenda from Naples, Florida


Everything from the weekly maintenance to the recent repair you guys are the best. Thank you so much for all the superior pool service you provide.

Greg T from Marco, Florida


You have done an amazing job looking after our extremely demanding pool, yes one day we will get a cage, thanks for everything you do!

Pete & Ernesto from Naples, Florida

After years of switching from one pool service to another I want to thank you for the best service we've ever had.

Charles from Estero, Florida

Hey Ameircan Pool Service guys. We wanted to thank you for outstanding service last week. We had several pool companies come out and they just try to sell us on everything we didn't want or need. We really appreciate your honesty and knowledge. Our pool is working great and is looking better than ever. Thanks so much!

Sandy from Fort Meyers, Florida

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