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What your pool service should check each week

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Salt Conversions

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Alkalinity is the water's ability to withstand changes in pH. Additions of chlorine can cause swings in pH, as can rain water, acid additions and other chemical additions. When the alkalinity is within a very specific range, the water has the ability to buffer these pH changes, thereby allowing a more steady-state pH.

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From a water chemistry standpoint, your pool service should analyze the pH, chlorine, and alkalinity each week. Every two to three weeks they should analyze for stabilizer levels and calcium. Every four to six weeks they should check for phosphate buildup. Every three to 6 months they should analyze for metal buildup.

From a systems standpoint, your service should check the operation of your filter and pump each week. As well, they should inspect for water or air leaks in plumbing lines. At least monthly, your filter should be cleaned and inspected (cartridge). If you have a sand filter, it should be backwashed every 4-6 weeks. If you have a DE filter, it should be backwashed and re-charged with DE every month.

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